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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Miracle Tonic safe for people with health issues such as, Diabetes, Hypertension,
 Heart Disease etc.?
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Miracle V Tonic is 100% All Natural, and is safe for people with Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease and other related issues. There are many of our customers who have been told by their doctors, that it is ok for them to use Miracle V Tonic. Still, If you have doubts ask your Doctor.
Is Miracle Tonic only for "old men" with Erectile Dysfunction?
Absolutely NOT!!! Miracle Tonic will increase the libido of the user, regardless of their age. Many of our customers are in fact men in their 20's and 30's, who simply take Miracle Tonic, to increase their pleasure and performance.
Yes many of our customers do split them in half, and they say they prefer to take them that way, as they get more use out of them that way. Yes you can do that it's a matter of preference. 
I have heard that you can split one Miracle Tonic pill in half and still get amazing results
 from it. Is this true?
How can a box of only 12 pills last almost 3 months???
Can someone who suffers from pre-mature ejaculation benefit from taking Miracle V Tonic???
The answer is a resounding yes. Miracle V Tonic contains ingredients that help prolong Orgasm, thereby allowing someone who 
suffers from the pain and the embarassment of pre-mature ejaculation, to perfom not only at a normal level, but even beyond!!!
Will I walk around with an erection for seven days from taking Miracle V Tonic???
The answer is NO. Miracle Tonic, works by increasing your libido/sex drive, as well as increasing blood flow to the penis so your not walking around with an erection all day, but if you were to be involved in a sexual act, it would assist you to the fullest, by making your erection fuller, increasing your perfomance and your pleasure.
Can someone who suffers from an Enlarged Prostate benefit from taking Miracle V Tonic???
Yes, Miracle Tonic has been shown to be beneficial to those suffering from Prostate related dieases.
What about Alchohol consumption after taking Miracle V Tonic???
Alchohol can be consumed after taking Miracle Tonic, but keep in mind Alchohol can cause a certain degree of loss of sensation, still Miracle Tonic will work with Alchohol consumption and help you experience amazing results.
How easy is it to buy Miracle V Tonic???
Just go to our Products Page and select your quantity, (Trial Size, 12 Pill Box, 8 Pill Value Pack or 4 Pill Value Pack) by clicking the "Buy This" button. Once selected, a PayPal secure link will open, be sure to Maximize the page when it opens and proceed to checkout from there. It's that easy!!!
When will my order of Miracle Tonic be shipped???
Your shipment can go out the same day if its received before 3 p.m. but after it will be shipped the following day.
Does it take an extreme amount of time for me to receive my shipment???
Absolutely not. We will ship your package right quickly without delay, via USPS Priority Mail, which usually only takes two to three
Because each pill can last up to seven days, at that rate the 12 pills that make up a Full Box of Miracle V Tonic, would approx. equal a 
three month supply.